Mindfulness Based Somatic Therapy

Mindfulness Based Somatic Therapy

Somatic psychotherapy is a holistic approach that works with the body and the mind to restore resiliency, balance, and harmony. Driven by the last research in neuroscience, somatic therapy and mindfulness techniques work with the dynamic patterns and influences between the body and the mind. It is considered one of the best approaches to work with anxiety and trauma.

When we experience recurring anxiety and trauma reactions, it often means that our nervous system has become hypersensitive. Our bodies hold memories of past traumas and stressors creating an environment where our fight-flight response can be triggered more easily. Just like some car alarms sound with the slightest movement, our internal alarm can become so sensitivity that a mere worried thought can sound the anxiety alarm.

Mindfulness based somatic therapy such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and meditative practices such as Qigong can help relax and rewire the nervous system’s habitual response. We learn ways to resource the body, orient our attention to restore an inner sense of safety, and release old memories and tensions in the body.