Individual & Couples Counseling

Individual & Couples Counseling

Seeking out therapy is a personal choice and there are a number of reasons why people come to therapy. Sometimes unexpected changes in our lives create challenges and stressors that may prompt us to seek counseling. Other times, people seek therapy to deal with long standing issues such as unresolved trauma, chronic anxiety, depression, or unresolved grief.

My style is very warm and interactive. We can start with a phone call and I can answer any questions you have about the therapy process and my approach. If you are a trauma survivor, I can help you understand the often confusing and overwhelming emotions and body states that emerge and how therapy can help work through and resolve these experiences.

I have over 28 years experience working with individuals and couples, helping them resolve troubling symptoms, gain new strategies for growth, and bring more stability and joy to their lives. Give me a call and we can discuss how therapy might be a resource for you.

Qigong: Cultivate Mindfulness, Reduce Stress, Prevent Compassion Fatigue

Qigong is a generic term for a system of still & moving meditation practices that have been used in China for over 7000 years. Qigong practice trains the mind to focus and connect with the body and with Qi. Different methods are used to help release tensions in the body and cultivate a relaxed mind.

Regular Qigong practice can help reduce stress responses in the body, alleviate anxiety, improve your overall health condition, and cultivate feelings of joy and connection.