Psychotherapy for Trauma, Anxiety, & Stress Reduction with Ellen Dekker in
Berkeley CA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Yuan Gong & Master Qigong Teacher

Available for Psychotherapy & Consultation, Qigong Classes & Groups

The pandemic is encouraging all of us of us to be flexible and find creative ways to stay connected. Teletherapy will be available via an online video platform or telephone


Within the warmth and trust of the therapy relationship, I can help you learn to relate to yourself and others differently. Sometimes life brings us challenges that are difficult to negotiate on our own. Often, we use habitual ways of looking at and responding to problems and we may find ourselves caught in a web of stress and anxiety.

When these challenging emotions arise they may express themselves in many ways such as increased indecisiveness, irritability, or negative self-talk. We may feel a lack of energy or motivation. Some may bury themselves in work, or food , or in unhealthy relationships.

My clinical approach can help you find new ways of experiencing yourself and approaching life's challenges. I am a licensed psychotherapist with over 25 years of clinical experience working with individuals, couples, and groups. I offer both practical tools and experiential insight that can help you get unstuck and break negative patterns, leaving you with more self-acceptance, energy, ease, and a sense of well-being. My approach is gentle and effective and includes somatic and mindfulness based therapy practices. I have specialized training in trauma & post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as anxiety and stress reduction .

In addition to having studied a rich array of therapy modalities, I am a Qigong Teacher and a certified Yuan Gong Instructor . I can teach you simple still & moving meditation practices that help generate mindfulness, improve overall health and interrupt negative internal messages, all of which can teach you how to access your inner calm and how to experience a greater sense of well being. Though my years of training in various disciplines have added to my tool chest of knowledge, it is my whole Self, my own growth & development that best informs my work.